Tuesday, March 4, 2008

News Items

First of all, the orders which were placed over the past few days have gone out. You should all have them in a few days.

I had to raise the cost of postage because I was losing close to $2.00 on most of the packages. The raise in price is still a good bargain. A lot of individual vendors don't have a flat rate; it's a larger amount for the first item and a lesser amount for each additional item. Since most of you are buying more than one item, this should cover everything. I'll still lose money on international packages since I send things Global Priority, but I'd rather lose money and ensure that the packages arrive instead of charging less and having them go via porpoise.

I totally forgot to send out prizes (I think there are three of them) to people who didn't buy anything but still won in the hourly drawings. I found that out today when I was looking through inventory. That is being remedied, and I apologize for my oversight.

I'm finding my rhythm with inventory, orders, mailing, etc. I knew it would happen; it was just a question of when. Now that the initial rush has ended, I have time to log things in my ledger immediately, pick orders when they come in, etc. Things will get done in a timely manner and will be more streamlined.

I have several new vendors coming onboard who offer an incredible array of merchandise. Not all of it is yarn, either. I have two vendors in particular who are offering totally unique things; I'm really excited about all of them. I'm also in negotiations with several other people.

Thank you again for being so supportive and understanding. I underestimated how long it would take to do certain things. I'm no longer under such illusions. I now have more realistic timelines for things.

I'm processing payments for consignment vendors right now. Mark is working on a page for vendors which will allow them to check on the status of their goods - how much I have on hand, what has sold, etc. It will eliminate the need for a monthly report and will allow them to check whenever they wish- this way, they won't have to wait until I issue a report once a month.

As new things come up, I'll post them here.

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